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My birthday badge


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Hiya, I'm Jasperinity. My name is a combination of Jasper (the greatest Jewelpet ever) and the word infinity, because the possibilities are infinite. c:

Along with being a fan of Jewelpet, I'm also a big fan of Nintendo, especially of their Pokemon, Mario, Kirby, and Stafy franchises. For movies/television, I primarily prefer to watch animated programs, though a few live action stuff catches my interest from time to time.

One of the things I love to do here is wish people a happy birthday, so if your name is here, then there's a 99% chance I'll wish you one. :3

I also really suck at explaining stuff, so if you notice that most of my comments are rather basic, now you'll know why. =P

I'm also slow at replying, so I'm sorry if it takes me a few days to respond to you.

My birthday badge

Also, here's a link to my Pinterest that I made way back in 2012. I don't use it very often anymore, but you can take a gander at it if you want.
Hey, guys! I've decided to do something a little different whenever somebody tags me. 

So I won't spam your inbox, and because it looks better to me, I'll just write it in and post the link in this journal and you can just check this every once in a while if you're interested. As you probably guessed, that also means I won't be tagging others. :P (Lick) 

It's not that I don't like getting tagged or anything, I just think this is a neater way. Plus I don't want to spam your inbox. =P Anyway, here's the list! (Tagged by Hiyukee, done on 2014-08-31) (Tagged by gekogirl315, done on 2014-09-18) (Tagged by faiotaku, done on 2014-11-24) (Tagged by thepikachuishere, done on 2014-11-28) (Tagged by BriThePurpleKittyCat, done on 2014-12-26) (Tagged by Queen-buns, done on 2015-05-05) (Tagged by usagi-moni, done on 2015-06-25)

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Thanks for the llama! :3
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you art is freaking adorable, but here is some news.
Don`t hate me because nekocandiesadopts.deviantart.c… is probably gonna gossip about me here. She is swearing at me and calling me names. SHE EVEN CALLED ME A KID. She is doing so because Deadly-dire-wolf told her that I made a video about deadly, when I DID NOT EVEN MAKE IT OF HER, and now she is gossiping about me to everyone and keeps swearing so... I hope you understand. P.s= I did not even make this video. 
ThatFangirlYaKnow Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the llama!
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think you are cool 
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I saw you often.
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Ruby (Joyful) [V1]  Long time no see! Sapphie Emoticon 
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I'm waaaaaay late on this, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LLAMA~ <3
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